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Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola


Public Bidding for new oil concession


Sonangol, E.P., as the sole concessionaire of the mining rights for exploration, development and production of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons in Angola is very pleased to inform that on December 13, 2005, intend to launch international bidding rounds for:

- Blocks 1, 5 and 6 (Shallow Water),

­- Relinquished areas of Blocks 15, 17, and 18 (Deep Water) and

­- Block 26 (Deep Water),

In that matter, Sonangol E.P. invites all petroleum companies, national and international, interested in being pre-qualified for these bidding rounds, to submit the information below, including the list of all blocks they are applying for, in 45 days after the first day of the publication of this press release (October 18, 2005):

The companies applying for non-Operators should give information on their firm or business name; Place of formation, registration, and address of the main office; the most important activities carried out; details of their assets structure, namely the value of equity capital, current assets and investment in current assets, as well as the value of current liabilities; references of reputed banking institutions endorsing their financial capacity; annual activity reports, including balance sheets and accounts of the last three years or since inception if the investing company had been set up less than three years ago. Such accounts must be audited by a proven experienced independent auditing firm; details of their experience in the field of oil exploration and production, including details of reserves and production; number of workers employed and professional experience of management staff in the field of oil exploration and production; details of court cases and arbitrations against over the last five years; details of existing plans, future commitments, including work programs or risks that might impact their ability to implement any future work programs relating to the Angolan concessions of which they might become parties to; details of business activity carried out in Angola so far.

The companies applying for Operator must follow the above requirements, and the following: to have competence and experience in the management and performance of petroleum operations; to have technical and operational competence; to have an efficient organizational structure.  The Operator may also submit other elements relating to its experience in the performance of petroleum operations deemed relevant to support its application, namely in the areas of safety, environmental protection and employment, integration and training of the Angolan staff.

All companies can send the required data, through the following address:

Direcção de Negociações da Sonangol, E.P., Rua do 1º Congresso do MPLA, nº 8-16, 3º Andar, Luanda. For further information companies can use the E-mail: or the phone numbers  222-632-191/222-332-846 and fax 222-394-128.

Gabinete de Comunicação e Imagem da Sonangol, E.P.

Luanda, October 18, 2005